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Explore Phuket's sights individually and independently

We have been based in Phuket, Patong Beach for more than 24 years (1998) and have been renting out our motorcycles and scooters to tourists and long term residents ever since.
We attach great importance to the selection of our customers, because it is important to us that every customer receives a motorcycle/scooter that is in top condition.
In addition, we want every customer to treat our fleet with due respect for the property of others. We have had good experiences with this philosophy and have built up a medium-sized fleet of over 60 motorcycles and scooters over the years.
Your safety is our priority!

Motorbikes are the most used, simplest and at the same time cheapest means of transport on Phuket, which are ideal for independent tours and island explorations.

Phuket has a variety of sights, not only dream beaches but also trekking, breathtaking temples and much more. Explore Phuket with a new and reliable motorbike or scooter from Nee. Drive safe and keep Phuket clean.

Greetings from Nee

Nee's Motorbikes Limited Partnership Phuket

Work Processing

What is the process and what is required?

Your decision

You like our services, motorcycles/scooters and you have chosen us

Copy Passport

Congratulations, now we need a copy of your passport (first page with photo)

Copy drivers license

Furthermore, we need a copy of the driver's license to drive a motorcycle/scooter

Drop off motorcycle

Now we need the address where we should bring the motorcycle/scooter. The payment, the handover and the rental contract take place on site