Honda PCX 160cc – Combi Brake LED Remote Key

Honda PCX 160cc – Combi Brake LED Remote Key

All of our motorbikes are very well maintained, in good condition, automatic transmission and as good as new incl. free of charge Drop off / Pick up Service
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Rent a motorbike motorcycle scooter in Phuket

Motorbikes motorcycles and scooters are the most used, simplest and at the same time cheapest means of transport on Phuket, which are ideal for independent tours and island explorations.
Traveling flexibly and independently in Phuket.

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Motorbike & Scooter

All automatic transmission

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01.May – 31.Oct

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01.Nov – 30.Apr

Honda PCX 160cc – Combi Brake LED Remote Key

3 days




300 Baht

1750 Baht

6000 Baht

 350 Bath

 2100 Baht

 7000 Baht

Our Special Service

We know that your vacation time is precious! With our unique drop off and pick up service, we offer our customers something very special. No matter where you are on Phuket, we will bring your motorbike to you and pick it up again from you, all free of charge. Of course, 2 helmets are included with every motorcycle.


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